How to play Lotto Poker and win grand jackpot prize?

Lotto poker

Lotto Poker is a lottery game brought to you by Lotto Quebec.  It is very easy to play this lottery. You can either opt to play online at lotteries site or with the lotto Quebec app on your cell phone that you can download for free from the app store. The other traditional way to play this lottery is to buy the Lotto poker ticket from the Lotto Quebec retailer at any local store.  Here find in detail as how you can play this lottery and make a great jackpot win.

You can play online or with the lotto app

Lotto Poker Ticket

As said above you can play online too so if you choose to play online then  you can purchase draw lotteries online, alone or in a group.

  • To make online purchases from a computer, smartphone or computer tablet, you must have an online account at the site you are playing.
  • You must be 18 and over years of age to play this lotto
  • When you create an online account you need to provide some of your personal information so that lotto can verify your identity. You will need to provide therefore your credit card number or a photocopy of a valid proof.
  • You can make a deposit then to buy lottery ticket with the deposit options provided at the online site or with your app on your cell phone.

You can buy ticket at the retailer

Lotto Poker

Many lottery retailers have lotto poker tickets displayed at their counter. You can find many stores selling the lotto ticket even at gas stations or grocery hub. So all you need is to pick the lotto ticket and buy it directly with $2 cash from the retailer.

How to play Lotto Poker?

Lotto Poker Lottery

There are two ways to play this lottery as said above one with quick play or one with evening draw. The ticket costs $2 for 1 selection and an additional $1 per selection for the plus option.

  • Once you get the lottery ticket you need to play using quick pick which means selection is done  randomly generated by the Loto Québec computer.
  • Each selection where you have a 5-card hand costs $2 and allows you to participate in a Quick Play and in one draw.
  • Then there is Plus option that costs $1 more for each selection and provides access to an enhanced prize structure for all ranked hands, from suits to royal flush.
  • Up to 3 selections may be played per ticket. All cards on a ticket come from a single, regular 52-card deck with four suits (Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds and Spades) of 13 cards each. The same card cannot be used for more than one selection on the same ticket.
  • When your transaction is being processed, your selection(s) will be shown on the screen. A selection is a winner if it forms one of the poker hands that are described in the applicable prize structure.
  • Loto-Québec conducts a draw to determine at random 5 cards among the 52 cards of an ordinary deck. A selection is a winner if it contains 2, 3, 4 or 5 cards identical to the cards drawn.
  • In Lotto Poker, the cards are always presented in increasing order, according to value (from 2 to Ace) and in the following order of suits: Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds and Spades.
  • You must pay before Quick Play starts. It is impossible to cancel a Lotto Poker ticket.
  • Lotto Poker is governed by the By-law respecting forecast contests and numbers games, published in the Gazette officielle du Québec, which includes limitations of liability.
  • Also extra play is available with this game.


Prize structure and odds of winning

lotto poker quick play

Lotto Poker Draw

How to play with Extra?

Lotto poker Extra

Extra is played with $1 more in addition to your lotto poker ticket. Extra cannot be played alone. It is always linked to another product. Each number is made up of 7 digits from 0 to 9 and is decomposable in both directions. Up to 10 numbers may be played on a same ticket (except in the case of Quick Plays and scratch tickets). All Extra numbers are generated by computer. Loto-Québec conducts 7 random draws, each among all digits from 0 to 9, to form in order the winning number.

Draw and the prize

Lotto Poker Draw

The lottery wins are drawn daily and the deadline to play is by 10.40 each evening. You can win the jackpot grand prize of $100,000

Since February 1, 2016, like many Canadian and American lottery corporations, Loto Québec has been conducting all its lottery draws electronically. Only certain televised draws and certain major Canada-wide lottery draws such as Lotto 6/49 and Lotto Max are conducted using a ball machine. It should be noted that draws for Lotto 6/49 Guaranteed Prizes and for Lotto Max Maxmillions are also conducted electronically.

On each draw date or as soon as possible thereafter, Loto-Québec will cause 5 cards to be drawn at random from among the 52 cards of an ordinary deck. The date of the draw for which your selection(s) are valid is indicated on your lottery ticket. If your wager is registered before 10:30 p.m., you will participate in the draw held on the same day.

Daily draw results are usually posted on Loto-Québec’s web site at approximately midnight. Also many other lottery sites post the results which you can check online.

In case you win the lottery you need to first sign your lotto ticket to protect and safeguard it from any other claimant.


How to claim the prize?

Lotto Poker Prize

For lotteries purchased online, the prize amount(s) will be deposited directly to the winner’s account if the total cash amount of the prize won with a single ticket is less than $25,000.

For cash prizes worth $25,000 or more, merchandise prizes and “annuity” type prizes, a customer service agent will directly contact the winner to explain the terms for claiming the prize. Such prizes must be claimed in person by the winner at one of Loto-Québec’s offices.

If you wish to receive your winnings from a Quick Play game before the draw of the date indicated on the initial ticket, sign that ticket, give it to the retailer who will pay out your prize and will return the initial ticket to you, as well as a replacement ticket valid for the same draw. The replacement ticket will also indicate that the Quick Play game winnings have been paid out. Be sure to keep the replacement ticket, as it will enable you to claim any prize that may result from the draw.

You can claim prizes of $25,000 or more by calling at toll free 1 866 611-LOTO (5686).

For prizes less than $600 or less you can claim the wins at a lotto Quebec retail store.

For prizes of more than $600 and less/more than $25,000 you can claim at

  • Montréal, Prize Claim Office, 500 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, QC  H3A 3G6
  • Québec Prize Claim Office Centre commercial Fleur de Lys, door #6 550, boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel Québec, QC  G1M 2S6
  • Gatineau Casino du Lac-Leamy 1 Boulevard du Casino Gatineau, QC  J8Y 6W3
  • La Malbaie Casino de Charlevoix 183 Rue Richelieu La Malbaie, QC  G5A 1X8
  • Montréal Casino de Montréal 1 Avenue du Casino Montréal, QC  H3C 4W7
  • Mont-Tremblant Casino de Mont-Tremblant 300 Chemin des Pléiades Mont-Tremblant, QC  J8E 0A7
  • Québec Salon de jeux de Québec Fleur de Lys Shopping Centre 550 Boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel
    Québec, QC  G1M 2S6
  • Trois-Rivières Salon de jeux de Trois-Rivières 1900 Boulevard des Forges Trois-Rivières, QC  G8Z 0A3
  • Also claim a prize by mail  at Loto-Québec P.O. Box 7777, Centre-Ville Station Montréal, QC  H3C 4L4

Again note that you need to be 18 and over years of age to play this lottery.