10 Common Mistakes You Do When Filling Your Lottery Tickets

10 tips for lottery tickets
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Filling lottery tickets is an art or what? Many a times it is seen that people standing on long queues at the stores and buying lottery tickets. Once they get their Lotto Play ticket on their hands they have a gleaming smile as if they have the Million Dollard Jackpots in their hands out of $1 or $5 that they have spent on the ticket. Then they take out their pen or pencil to mark their lucky numbers or if it is a scratch card lotto then they take out a coin to scratch off the numbers. But wait… are you filling the lottery ticket correctly.

If you observe and do research a bit most of the lottery ticket buyers are doing the 10 common mistakes when filling the lottery ticket. You will say you didn’t made any mistake ever you filled the number of columns correctly, entered your details correctly, used the correct pen or pencil then what’s wrong. Here are the 10 common mistakes that you often do when filling your lottery ticket.

Mistake # 1- Often you use birthdates as the numbers to pick from the ticket and hope for them to be lucky.

Mistake #2- You think making a pattern of numbers on the ticket might sound lucky and so you fill your tickets using numbers diagonally.

Mistake #3- If not diagonally you opt to fill your lottery ticket cross-ways, up and down as your mind is pleased.

Mistake #4- Many people use numerology by picking numbers from the lottery ticket. They will pick a name (most often their name or their spouses name), then by matching each letter with a number (a=1, b=2, c=3 etc) they fill out the coupon.

Mistake #5- Often people believe in their psychics and they will see such a person to make some magic to their lottery tickets and they fill those number that their psychic will tell them to fill.

Mistake #6- Also it is seen people use the dates like the date of draw or date of purchase or date of their anniversary as their lucky numbers and fill them in the lottery ticket.

Mistake #7- Quite commonly seen many guys toss the dice. Then the number that dice rolls out to them they pick them up and fill in their tickets.

Mistake #8- Many sites claim to have number generators and number calculators software to win the lottery. Thus people use a free software system from the hundreds available online.

Mistake #9- Also it is commonly seen people calling their friends, spouses, relatives or other members in their family asking them to pick the lucky numbers for them to enter in the lottery ticket.

Mistake #10- You also make lucky dips and try to fill those numbers that appear in front of you. This is also a common practice among people when filling in their lottery tickets.

So what do you think these 10 common mistakes (for you no mistakes) will lead you to a win in the lottery?

It is better to avoid such lucky guesses and not to look for some inspirational numbers here and there to jot down on your lottery ticket. Entering the numbers best seem to you like you car number or any such would not let you make any wins.

Such guess work is not going to lead to you any win but will make you lose by buying lottery tickets and entering such type of mistakes. Using superstition methods and mixing and matching  different systems is not going to make a single payout of the lottery you bought.

You need to logically think, research previous numbers that has won and calculate the probability before entering the numbers in the lottery ticket.

Popular Canadian Lottery Tickets And How To Play

Some of the popular Canadian lottery tickets to play are:

1. Lotto 6/49

Lotto 649 Lottery
Lotto 649 Lottery Ticket

Lotto 6/49 tickets play costs $3 and includes one set of 6 numbers ranging from 1 to 49 for the main jackpot plus a 10-digit set of numbers for the $1-million guaranteed prize draw. The Main Jackpot starts at $5 million and grows until it’s won. There is no capped maximum amount to the jackpot.

The Draw is held every Wednesday and Saturday. Simply purchase a ticket at a participating retailer by 10:30 p.m. EST on the draw date. LOTTO 6/49 will sometimes offer a Guaranteed Prize Draw for a smaller jackpot of $1 million. This exciting extra feature, included in a $3 play, guarantees at least one winning ticket among the tickets sold for the draw.

2. Lottario

Lottario lottery ticket
Lottario lottery ticket

Lottario ticket has two sets of six numbers ranging from 1-45 for two chances to win the main jackpot per $1 play. The Main Jackpot starts at $250,000 and grows until it’s won. There is no capped maximum amount to the jackpot. The draw is held every Saturday. Simply purchase a ticket at a participating retailer by 10:30 p.m. EST on the draw date. The Early Bird draw provides another chance to win. To be entered in the $50,000 Early Bird Draw, just buy a ticket at a participating retailer before 11:59:59 p.m. ET on a Friday.

3. Daily Grand

Daily Grand lottery ticket
Daily Grand lottery ticket

Daily Grand lottery ticket has  5 main numbers ranging from 1 to 49, and 1 grand number ranging from 1 to 7 costs $3. The Jackpot in this game is  $1,000 a day for life. The Draw is held every Monday and Thursday. Simply purchase a ticket at a participating retailer by 10:30 p.m. EST on the draw date.

4. Encore

Encore lottery ticket
Encore lottery ticket

Encore ticket is a lottery ticket where a bonus game attached to another draw-based lottery game that offers an extra chance to win for $1. You will receive an additional set of numbers to match against the ENCORE draw. You can play up to ten times per ticket. In encore ticket the Jackpot is $1 million. The Encore draw is at the same time as the original game selected. You need to check the draw dates for the chosen game.

Note that Encore numbers are randomly selected by the lottery terminal. They can’t be selected by players, and are drawn on the same day as the draw for the main lottery game selected. Only one set of Encore numbers is drawn and applies to all games.

Remember you can play lotteries in Canada and purchase the lottery ticket both online and offline (at lottery retail store). At the online purchase deposit money to buy ticket at the lottery website and fill the virtual ticket and submit.

Playing online helps you to easily keep track of your tickets, set custom play budgets  and have optional weekly subscriptions.

Playing at retail or offline at store is simple. Depending on the game, you can fill out a selection slip, ask for a Quick Pick, or tell the cashier what game and/or for how much you’d like to play. Next fill the ticket and submit to the retailer.

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