Do seconds of delay in buying a lottery ticket make you a loser- This is what it says

Lottery Ticket

Would you believe 7 Seconds Cost a Man $27 Million. Yes it is true. Joel Ifergan a Canadian bought two tickets for the night’s Super 7 draw at 8:59 p.m., about one minute before the 9 p.m. cut-off time. One ticket popped out with the date, May 23. The other came out seven seconds after the draw closed, and was dated for a week later. The latter ticket had the seven winning numbers for the $27-million jackpot draw.

That happened back in 2008. The ensuing legal fight has been winding its way through the court system ever since, and  reached the Supreme Court last year in 2015. After spending years and at least $80,000 on the case, it costs Ifergan lot of money, and time that is more than 7 years

Ifergan blames the seven-second delay on a processing lag, and says Loto-Quebec owes him half of the $27 million jackpot, which was awarded to someone else. In the past, the lottery organization has said that its computers register one ticket at a time and there can be a delay of up to 10 seconds.

Here are more instances. You go to a lotto shop to buy a ticket but its doors are shut but the lights are on inside. After few minutes of waiting the door is opened and you step inside to buy a lottery ticket. You ask the owner for the delay in opening the door and his reply was he as having a minute break to attend his personal need like washroom.

Or there may be instance where the store computer froze and you couldn’t get into their online lottery website to buy tickets.

With so many of delays or disasters like bugs, glitches or store mishaps seem frustrating for a regular lottery player.

So what lesson is to be learnt from all these delays of minutes and seconds. The moral is to buy tickets at least 24 hours BEFORE the draw. That way you’ll also avoid the problem that Joel Ifergan had when he lost $27M.

Therefore plan ahead if you really wish to play lottery and to make your best bet is to always act early like 24 hours before so that any problem can be fixed ahead of the game and you are not late in playing the lottery.


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