Roue de fortune chez vous- The new lottery game for Quebec residents to win one million CAD

How to play Roue de fortune chez vous

Roue de fortune chez vous  is a new lottery game brought forward by Quebec lotteries. The ticket of this lotto cost CA$3. Launched in March 2018 this lotto offers a grand prize and you are given a a certificate attesting the right to spin the wheel and to win an amount varying from $25,000 to $1,000,000 during an event that may be broadcast on TV.

How to play Roue de fortune chez vous?

Roue de fortune chez vous- Ticket

Roue de fortune is an easy lotto game. An easy yet exciting game! Anick Dumontet has hosted the Roue de fortune chez vous! televised game since 2009. Roue de fortune chez vous! goes to the four corners of Québec so participants can spin the wheel for a chance to win up to one million dollars.

The show is taped in locations chosen by the participants.The game is played using a wheel of fortune. The participant spins the wheel, and the ball stops on a segment associated with a cash prize. The wheel is divided into 36 segments. The prizes associated with the different segments are distributed as follows:

Prizes associated with the different segments
Number of segment(s) associated with a particular prize Prize associated with the segment
12 $25,000
8 $30,000
8 $40,000
4 $50,000
2 $100,000
1 $200,000
1 $1,000,000

So in JEU 1 (game 1): Scratch the game entirely. Uncover 3 identical prizes and win that prize.

In JEU 2 (game 2): Scratch the game entirely. Uncover 3 identical prizes and win that prize OR uncover 3 ” star” symbols and win a “MYSTÈRE” (mystery) prize.

In JEU  3 (game 3) and JEU 4 (game 4): Scratch each game entirely. In a same game, uncover 3 identical symbols and win the corresponding prize as indicated in the “LÉGENDE JEUX 3 ET 4” (games 3 and 4 legend).

NOTE: If both symbols in the “√” box are found in the game area, validate your ticket at a retailer.

Extra is available with this game. (Deadline for Extra wagers: 10:30 p.m. every evening)

Note that if players uncover 3 « star  » in GAME 2, they automatically win one of the following prizes: $10, $20, $100, $750, $1,000, or a spot to play on TV and perhaps take home $1 million!

You must have your ticket validated by a retailer to find out which prize you have win. An animation on the consumer screen reveals your mystery prize!

Roue de fortune chez vous- Draw

So the winner of a “DRAW” prize who will present his ticket within the time period indicated on the back of the ticket will be allowed to participate in the next draw of a “PARTICIPATION TÉLÉ” prize. To this end, he will receive a check for $100 and a certificate of eligibility to a draw.

The approximate odds of winning a prize is 1 in 3.5. The approximate odds of winning the grand prize is 1 in 88,281. The theoretical payoff rate is 65%

The lottery draw

The new Canadian Lottery Roue de fortune chez vous

Daily draw results are usually posted on Loto-Québec’s web site at approximately midnight.

Schedule for televised draw results: TVA – LCN

Broadcast of results using a scroll at the bottom of the screen for most of the draw results from the previous day:

  • every half hour on Salut, Bonjour! and Salut, Bonjour! week-end
  • every hour during the noon edition of TVA Nouvelles (week days)
  • every hour throughout the morning on LCN

How to win the prizes in case you win?

Roue de fortune chez vous- prizes

In case you have won the prize first sign the back side of your lotto ticket.

If you have to  claim prizes of $25,000 or more you may do so by appointment. Contact at toll free 1 866 611-LOTO (5686) and get useful information before remitting the prize.

For prizes of $600 or less you can get the wins at loto Quebec retailer. Or at one of Lotto Quebec’s offices. Also you can present the original winning ticket at one of their gaming establishments.

Present the original winning ticket, with the back duly completed.  Present a valid piece of ID (driver’s licence, health insurance card or passport). Also present a duly completed claim form [PDF – 92 KB] to claim your wins.

About the game

Roue De Fortune Éclair is governed by the by law respecting forecast contests and numbers game published in the GAZETTE OFFICIELLE DU QUÉBEC, which includes limitations of liability.

A Roue de fortune Éclair play is a Quick Play (spinning wheel) to win a TV participation in the Roue de fortune chez vous! televised show. Each play costs $3.

You may buy a lottery ticket through an entirely online transaction. A purchase transaction is only concluded when it results in the registration of one play in Loto-Québec’s central computer system.

During the Quick Play animation, a wheel divided into segments is displayed on the screen and starts to spin. A white ball bounces from one segment to another one before stopping on one of the segments. If the ball stops on a segment associated with a prize, you win that prize. The amount of the prize, if any, will be displayed at the top of the screen.

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