Tout ou Rien- All or Nothing

Do you know what is Tout ou Rien? Have you ever played this lottery? Tout ou Rien meaning All or Nothing is a lottery from the province of Quebec. This Lotto game was started in November 2014 and has a unique prize structure awarding an equal jackpot for choosing the correct half of the numbers as winners or picking none of the right numbers. Yes you read Right! Picking none of the right numbers too makes you a winner! Let us know in detail all about this unique Lottery.
Tout ou rien offers the chance to win the grand prize with all or none of the numbers of the winning selection. Also there are other prizes to be won in this lottery. Tout ou rien is governed by the By-law respecting forecast contests and numbers games, published in the Gazette officielle du Québec, which includes limitations of liability.

How can you play Tout Ou Rien

Tout Ticket

  • You may play online, using the mobile app, or at a Loto-Québec retailer.
  • Tout ou rien can only be played using Quick Pick at a retailer establishment where the selection(s) are randomly generated by Loto-Québec’s computer.
  • If you wish to choose your numbers and to pay at a retailer establishment, you can easily generate a bar code online at or by using Loto-Québec’s Lotteries app. It will enable a Loto-Québec retailer to register your selection(s) and issue a lottery ticket.
  • You can also choose your numbers or opt for one or more selections generated by Loto-Québec’s computer by making your purchase transaction entirely online at or by using Loto-Québec’s Lotteries app.
  • One selection is composed of 12 numbers from 1 to 24.
  • The draws conducted are as follows:
  • Loto-Québec will cause 12 numbers ranging from 1 to 24 to be randomly drawn from an electronic ball machine with a random number generator. A selection wins if it matches the winning numbers in its category.
  • Extra is available with this game.
  • The Replay option is also available with this game.

Where will you get Lotto Québec’s Lotteries app to play Tout Ou Rien

Lotto App
You can have the Lotto Quebec Lotteries App from the iTune Store to play Tout Ou Rien Lottery.  This App is free and is compatible with all smart phones and androids as well as iPhones.

The Feature of this App are

– receive the winnings to which you are entitled directly in your Espacejeux account;
– verify your terminal-issued tickets;
– consult draw results;
– create a lottery group that fits your likings or join an existing group;
– receive alerts for your online purchases or on upcoming jackpots;
– prepare and save your selections in your favorites;
– generate a bar code to play at a retailer.
It is only available to users of 18 years and over and restricted to the province of Québec. Its use can only be possible by enabling location services.

How to Play Extras in this Lotto?

Remember that Extras can never be played only therefore with Tout Ou Rien it can be played.

  • Each number is made up of 7 digits from 0 to 9 and is decomposable in both directions.
  • Up to 10 numbers may be played on a same ticket (except with Lotto Hockey).
  • All Extra numbers are generated by computer.
  • Each draw is conducted as follows: Loto-Québec conducts a random draw using 7 ball machines each containing 10 balls numbered from 0 to 9. One ball is drawn from each ball machine to form the winning number. This number is decomposable in both directions (see the Prize structure and odds of winning). The Extra number drawn for a given date is used for all lottery games to which it is linked and whose draw took place on that same date.
  • When the Replay option is used for the product to which it is linked, the Extra is also replayed.

What is a Replay Option in Tout Ou Rien

  • With the Replay option, you may replay the same selections for upcoming draws when you validate your ticket at a Loto-Québec retailer. In this way you don’t need to keep your selection slip or to fill out another every time you wish to replay your selection.
  • With the Replay option, all tickets of the lotteries offering this option may be replayed. Therefore, they contain the same selections and the same Extra numbers as the original ticket. In the event the Extra number is non-participating on the original ticket, it may be activated on a replayed ticket. A ticket may be replayed within 30 days of the date of the last draw, and the number of draws for which the replayed ticket is valid may be changed.
  • The Replay option is available with Formule groupe. To replay a Formule groupe ticket, you must present the Création de groupe coupon issued by the retailer to the person responsible for the group when the group was created.

Prize structure and odds of winning

As said above to play Quebec All or Nothing, choose 12 numbers from 1-24. Tickets are $2 each. Drawings are held once a day. The odds of winning Tout ou Rien are 1 in 1,352,078. The jackpot prize is $250,000.

How to choose your numbers

You can choose your own numbers by using Loto-Québec’s Lotteries app on your mobile device or online at Then, you can choose where you want to pay either at a retailer establishment by generating a bar code online or directly through your Espacejeux account.
The bar code will enable a Loto-Québec retailer to register your selection(s) and issue a lottery ticket.
As an example, here are the steps to follow in order to choose your numbers through Loto-Québec’s Lotteries app on your mobile device and to generate a bar code.

  • With Loto-Québec’s Lotteries app, select Tout ou rien, and then select Purchase option.
  • Select ‘Choose my numbers’.
  • Choose your own 12 numbers or select Automatic selection, select OK then Continue.
  • Select the number of draws and select the quantity of Extra numbers you want to play ($1 per number, up to 10 numbers), or select the ‘No box’ if you do not want to play Extra, then select Continue, and Continue one more time.
  • Choose Buy from a retailer to generate the bar code.
  • Upon presentation of the bar code, the retailer will issue your lottery ticket.
  • You can also choose your numbers on the Internet at

Why not try this lottery and have the fun!