Playing The Tout OuRien – All Or Nothing

Tout OuRien – do you know what this unique game is all about or have you ever played this type of lottery game?  Tout OuRien means All or Nothing and it originated in Quebec which started in November 2014.  It has a very one-off prize awarding structure wherein you can win the jackpot for picking correctly half of the numbers or picking not a single right number.  Either way, luck plays a big part in getting the jackpot but the odds are increased by two.

All or Nothing gives the player the opportunity to win the jackpot prize with picking none or all of the selected numbers.  There are other prizes given out in this lottery.  This game is administered by the By-Law in respect to the numbers games and forecast games containing limitations of obligations, which are published in the Gazette officielle du Québec.

How Do You Play Tout OuRien?

  • Online using the mobile application or through any Loto-Québec retailer.
  • The number selections are randomly generated through a Loto-Québec’s computer and can be played only at Quick Pick at a retailer establishment
  • If you opt to select your numbers, you can pay at an authorized establishment and create a barcode online through the or through the Loto-Québec’s Lotteries app. This will trigger your registration and a Loto-Quebec retailer will issue a lottery ticket.
  • A selection is composed of 12 numbers picked from numbers 1 to 24.
  • Loto-Quebec will randomly draw 12 numbers using an electronic ball machine that randomly generates number selection. If all your selected numbers matches the randomly generated numbers in its category, you win.
  • Extra is provided in this game.
  • There is also a replay option for this game

Getting the Lotto Quebec’s Lotteries App

The Tout OuRien Lottery can be played by downloading the Lotto Quebec Lotteries App from the iTune Store.  This application is free and can be used with all types of smart phones, iPhone and Android.Availability is restricted to 18 years old and above users and can only be used in Quebec.

The App features

  • Allows you to receive your winnings on your Espacejeux account;
  • Gives information on draw results
  • Verifies tickets issued by terminals
  • Receives advance information on future jackpots
  • Generates bar codes for playing at a retailer
  • Join a lottery group of your choice or create one to fit your requirements
  • Save a prepared number selection for future use in your favorites