6 great traits that make lottery players successful

Lottery Winner

Lottery is said to be a game of chance. But with logic mind, calculating the probabilities and the repetition of the winning numbers there may be a chance that you can win the lottery game. Quite often this is also true that the winner players with just sheer luck with no mathematical exercises of the lottery. These winners have something in them that keeps them on the track of lottery plays.  Here are the 6 great traits found in the lottery players that made them successful against all odds.

Trait #1- Never Give Up

It is said hope can move mountains and so does it apply for the lottery players. Winners never give up. They are so persistence in playing and do not look back till they have won.

Trait #2 -Dream and only Dream

Yes Dream even Walt Disney said All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. What about Bill Gates, he too dreamt BIG and asks to dream. Same goes for winners . It the dream in their eyes to win and want to win more than anything else. This is how people win in all other parts of their lives too. They see something and go all out to get it, whatever it takes.

Trait #3- Play Often

Players of lottery with great wins played often.  They need to play each week with as many tickets as they can afford. They do not miss a game. It is better to play once a week instead of daily.

Trait #4- Celebrate your Success

Winners celebrate every victory, no matter how small. Many of us might have got a win maybe few dollars but we did not opt to celebrate. It is not that you have to win a huge Jackpot prize to celebrate. Every single prize – no matter how small – should be celebrated for that reason.

Trait #5- Learn the Skill

Lottery players try to learn the skill for some huge wins. They calculate the probability of the game, count on numbers that were generated in the last 15 draws and use their own system to play and win.

Trait #6- Always say you have won

This is a positive trait found among lottery winners. They never seem to be worried whether they lose or win. They smile often and raise their inner voice to them aloud that they will win and have won. This helps them complete with all other traits and use the lottery ticket and the game play of numbers wisely.

These great traits always make them successful. They believe in themselves and never let down if they lose. In fact they never count their losses but keep on playing with the same zeal. They think about their lotto spending as an investment.  They are investing in the opportunity to hit it big.  If they do hit it big, all that money they spent on losing tickets will seem like chump change. In the end we can say they take a chance because they believe that, little extra money they pay in buying lottery ticket could really payoff in a big way.