Playing Canadian lotteries- You need to know the game you are playing

Canada Lottery

Playing Canadian lotteries be it Lotto Max, Lottery 649 or Ontario Lottario it is  important first to understand the game you wish to play. Thousands of people buy lottery tickets daily whether online or with the retailer but it is also true that among so many of lottery ticket buyers there are only very few number of winners. Most of the buyers that lose daily on the lottery also lose hope to win. It is because they have not done a little extra work before buying the lottery ticket.  So what is that extra work to do? Well, it is  to be clear with the lottery concepts and the game play which not only builds confidence but you also hope for a win too.

You need to rationally think about the game you are going to play and understand the odds and statistics of the game; and positively expect to win.

You should know the odds and the risks of the game

The odds of winning a lottery are big factor that discourage buyers to have positive expectations. For example, your chance to match 6 numbers out of 49 are 1:13,800,000; to match 7 numbers are 1:85,900,000. But what about using only 40 numbers? What about using only 35 numbers? If you reduce the numbers in your selection pool, the odds will be greatly increased.

The Probability Calculation Table below will help you understand things better.


Lottery Numbers Odds of Winning Ball Number Final Odds
Lotto 649
6 / 49 1:13,983,816 N /A 1:13,983,816
6 / 40 1:3,838,380 N / A 1:3,838,380
6 / 35 1:1,623,160 N / A 1:1,623,160
Lotto Max
7 / 49 1:85,900,584 N / A 1:85,900,584
7 / 40 1:18,643,560 N / A 1:18,643,560
7 / 35 1:6,724,520 N / A 1:6,724,520
5 / 69 1:11,238,513 1 / 26 1:292,201,338
5 / 60 1:5,461,512 1 / 26 1:141,999,312
5 / 55 1:3,478,761 1 / 26 1:90,447,786
Mega Millions
5 / 75 1:17,259,390 1 / 15 1:258,890,850
5 / 65 1:8,259,888 1 / 15 1:123,898,320
5 / 55 1:3,478,761 1 / 15 1:52,181,415
Hot Lotto
5 / 47 1:1,533,939 1 / 19 1:29,144,841
5 / 40 1:658,008 1 / 19 1:12,502,152
5 / 35 1:324,632 1 / 19 1:6,168,008

The column in the above probability table ‘Final Odds’ includes the odds of Ball or Bonus numbers. For Powerball, it is 1/26.

For example, Lotto Max. If you use 40 numbers as your selection pool instead 49, your odds will be increased from 1:85,900,584 to 1:18,643,560. It makes a huge difference.  Another example, Powerball. If you use 60 numbers as your selection pool instead 69, your odds will be increased from 1:11,238,513 to 1:5,461,512. Plus the ball number for jackpot, your odds will be1:141,999,312 instead of 1:292,201,338. This is more than 50% of increase. If you use the high count numbers in Ball numbers, your odds can be increased still.

If the numbers that you have not choosen show up then do not lose heart but have patience as the pattern repeats itself and you will find them in your next play.

What you need to understand is the winning numbers and their statistics. If you will visit any lottery site and look at the numbers that have won you will find that some numbers are chosen far more often than others. You need to therefore learn the combination of the pattern and form an idea about how you will make yours; observe the statistics sheets of winning numbers from the past winning data. Once you understand all these, the concept of “Random” can be sometimes certain.

This little bit of hard work will let you form your own winning strategy and you may personalize your selection of number pool according to your risk level. You will understand your odds and risks. If you are not willing to take risk of losing a single number, choose all 49 numbers as your selection pool; if you want to increase your chance to win with certain level of risk, choose 40 numbers with the high count as your selection pool.

With great understanding of each lottery game you will not only play better next time but can also find yourself among the list of huge lottery Jackpot winners.

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