How to play Ontario 49 lottery in Canada

Ontario 49 lotto

Canada Ontario 49 is a lotto game operated by Ontario Lottery corporation and available only for the local players. It uses the same format as another local lottery Million Dollars. The lottery offers millions in prizes and holds draws two times a week on every Wednesday and Saturday. It was launched in 1997 by Ontario Lottery Corporation.  At the time of writing the next jackpot was $2000000. Remember that Jackpot winning chances are 1 in 13983816. The lottery uses a 6/49 matrix. The 6 Ontario 49 winning numbers are drawn every Wednesday and Saturday in Toronto at 9 p.m. local time (UTC -4). The lotto’s jackpot is a set amount which can be split between several winners.

The price of the lottery ticket

Ontario 49
Ontario 49 Lotto ticket costs $1 only

Earlier the lottery ticket was priced 50 Canadian cents. Now it costs $1 per play. As said earlier Jackpot is fixed at $2 million per draw. You play 6 numbers from 1 to 49 (just like LOTTO 6/49). Now you can play up to 26 weeks in a row with Advance Play. With 2 draws per week, that’s up to 52 draws in advance!

How to play Ontario 49

There are two ways to play this lottery and you should know the rules

One is Quick Pick and that is the easiest way to play. Simply ask your lottery retailer for a Quick Pick OR check the Quick Pick box on a Lotto6/49-Ontario 49 Selection Slip. The lottery terminal will randomly select your numbers.

Ontario 49 Quick Pick
Quick Pick in Ontario 49

If you want to play for more than one draw in advance, mark the number of draws in the Advance Play box. You can play up to 26 weeks in a row. With 2 draws per week, that’s up to 52 draws in advance.

The other way is Pick your Own

On a LOTTO 6/49-ONTARIO 49 Selection Slip, mark ONTARIO 49 in the game box. Choose six numbers from 1 to 49 on up to 10 boards (each board costs $1). Or, check BOTH to play the same numbers for LOTTO 6/49 and ONTARIO 49.

If you want to play for more than one draw in advance, mark the number of draws in the Advance Play box. You can play up to 26 weeks in a row. With 2 draws per week, that’s up to 52 draws in advance. Give your completed Selection Slip to the lottery retailer and your ticket will be printed.

Ontario 49
Pick your own Ontario 49

To play ENCORE, mark the number of ENCORE plays you would like to add in the ENCORE play section box. Each ENCORE play added costs $1 and you can select up to 10 plays per draw.

Combination Play

If you want to play for more than one draw, mark the number of draws in the Advance Play box. Six numbers and one Bonus number are drawn for the ONTARIO 49 draw. Match the numbers drawn to win.

Winning on a Combination Play ticket is the same as winning on a regular ticket – but because you have multiple sets of numbers, you can win multiple prizes.

You can play five-, seven-, eight- and nine-number Combination Plays.

  • Five-number Combination Play costs $44 per draw
  • Seven-number Combination Play costs $7 per draw
  • Eight-number Combination Play costs $28 per draw
  • Nine-number Combination Play costs $84 per draw

Play up to 10 draws in advance. Draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday. Tickets are sold until 10:30 p.m. (Eastern Time) on draw nights. You will receive a single ticket from the retailer that will show the combination numbers you’ve selected (e.g., five numbers for the five-number Combination Play). All possible combinations, however, will be recorded in the central computer.

Remember that the LOTTO 6/49-ONTARIO 49 Combination Play Selection Slip is different from the regular LOTTO 6/49-ONTARIO 49 Selection Slip.

How to know the Ontario 49 results

The latest Ontario 49 results are available after the draws held in Toronto at 9.00 p.m. local time (UTC -5). There are several ways to check Ontario 49 results:

  • You can find out Ontario 49 results at any retail outlet of Canada national lottery or from the local newspapers.
  • The latest Ontario 49 results can be checked on the lottery’s official website, where you can also try luck online.

Remember to sign the ticket, Take your signed ticket to the OLG retailer for prize verification on a lottery terminal if you have won.

  • You will see a winning message on the Customer Display Screen and hear a winning message play from the lottery terminal.
  • For LOTTO tickets, your winning prize amount will be printed (or ‘branded’) on the front, left-hand side of your original ticket.
  • If the retailer can pay your prize, he or she will tear through the bar code of your paid-out ticket, and return the validated ticket to you along with the corresponding Customer Receipt.
  • If a retailer is unable to validate your ticket because it is damaged you must mail it to the Prize Centreto determine if the ticket has won a prize.

How to get the prize in case of winning Ontario 49

Ontario 49
Winners of Ontario 49

ONTARIO 49 prizes must be claimed within 12 months of the draw date. Unclaimed prizes from Ontario-only Lotto, Sports and Instant Games are directed to profits paid to the provincial government to benefit the people of Ontario.
All the cash prizes including the jackpot are paid out by Ontario Lottery corporation as a lump sum. The lottery prizes are to be claimed within a year from the draw date.

  • The prizes less than $300 (Canadian dollars) can be obtained at any Ontario Lottery tickets retail outlet. The prizes of $301 to $999 can be claimed after filling in the prize payment request in any “Ontario Lottery” outlet. To get the cash prizes of $1000 to $9,999 you will also have to fill in the prize request form at which will be sent to the prize payment center in Toronto along with your winning ticket.
  • The same goes about the cash prizes from $10,000 to $250,000.
  • In case you were lucky to win $250,000 and more you will have to come personally and bring your ticket with the winning Ontario 49 numbers to the lottery officials in Toronto prize payment center.

You can also try your lottery luck online, play and check Ontario 49 results online. Ontario 49 is offered by The Lotter; Lotto 365 and at OLG website. Remember you should be 18 and over years of age to try your luck in this lottery.

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