What Is the Exciting la Poule Aux Oeufs D’or and How to Play This Lottery?

La Poule Aux

La Poule aux oeufs d’Or in English called ‘The Hen with the Golden Eggs’ is the title of two different Canadian television game shows broadcast during two different periods. The first was broadcast by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC) French-language television network, Radio-Canada, from 1958 until 1966.

Two contestants had to respond to five questions, each one being worth a certain amount of money. The winner then had to choose at random an envelope containing a prize that was worth less than, equal to, or greater than the winnings already accumulated. With these total winnings, the contestant can buy an egg, chosen at random, containing a prize. There are two possible outcomes: either she/he loses everything (or merely wins a trifling sum), or she/he wins a prize of high value.

La Poule Aux

The second version has been broadcast on the TVA Network, Wednesdays at 7:30 pm (7:00 pm until January 2006) since September 8, 1993. It is a Loto-Québec game and has been hosted by Guy Mongrain since its inception. The show offers a progressive jackpot as its grand prize (shown on set as ‘Gros Lot’). It starts at $150,000, in Canadian dollars, and increases by $25,000 for each week not won.

Three games are played every episode, with 2 players per game (6 players per show). The contestants all won their way onto the show by scratching off 3 ‘TELE’ symbols in its namesake scratch lottery game.

Also before each game, the two contestants spin six wheels (three for each contestant) with numbers from 0 through 9 to determine the winning number for the lottery game. If either of the contestants spins duplicates of a certain number, they spin a bonus wheel, which gives them the chance to win a prize, such as a television set, a vacation, or a new car valued at $25,000.

Another variation of this game has the contestant picks golden eggs off a screen until they make a match; the prize matched is the prize won. If the contestant spun three of the same number, they are allowed to pick golden eggs until two matches are made, and they win the prize of the higher value.

La Poule

The people who play the appropriate lottery tickets win money determined by how many numbers they match on the wheels; if they match all six, they win the full jackpot offered for each game: $25,000 for Game 1, $50,000 for Game 2, and $100,000 for Game 3.

How to play La Poule aux oeufs d’or lottery?

Lottery Tickets

You need to buy La Poule aux oeufs d’Or lottery tickets for $2, $3 or $5 to win the grand prize of $150,000

$2 Ticket- Instant portion of the ticket

In the same game (Jeu 1, Jeu 2 or JEU BONI), uncover three identical prizes and win that prize, or three “TÉLÉ” and win a “PARTICIPATION TÉLÉ” or three “TIRAGE” and win “100 $ + TIRAGE”.

Passive portion of the ticket where you Scratch “VOTRE NUMÉRO MAISON” on the ticket to participate in draws for the three decomposable numbers and three TV numbers.

$5 Ticket-Instant portion of the ticket

There are two games, Lucky Egg and a bonus game here.

  • In “Jeu 1” (game 1), uncover three identical symbols and win the matching prize as indicated in the legend.
  • In “Jeu 2” (game 2), uncover three identical prizes in the same game and win that prize, or three “TÉLÉ” and win a “PARTICIPATION TÉLÉ” or three “TIRAGE” and win “100 $ + TIRAGE”.
  • In the  “ŒUF CHANCEUX” (lucky egg), uncover a prize and win that prize.
  • In “JEU BONI” (bonus game), uncover three identical prizes and win that prize, or three “TÉLÉ” and win a “PARTICIPATION TÉLÉ”.

In the passive portion of the ticket, you scratch “VOS NUMÉROS MAISON” on the ticket to participate in draws for the three decomposable numbers and three TV numbers.

Œuf boni exclusive to the passive segment of La Poule aux œufs d’or plus Scratch “ŒUF BONI” (bonus egg). If the number uncovered matches the number of the egg concealing the grand prize in the televised game, you win $10.
La Poule


You can purchase this express ticket either online with your cell phone app or at a Loto-Québec retailer.

  • La Poule aux œufs d’or express can only be played using Quick Pick, numbers randomly generated by Loto-Québec’s computer.
  • One La Poule aux œufs d’or express play comprises two at-home numbers for draws to select three decomposable numbers and three TV numbers.
  • Note that the Replay option is not available and the ticket cannot be cancelled.

The concept of this lottery game show

Each show consists of three rounds, each involving two contestants: the Wheels game (jeu des roulettes), the Doors game (jeu des portes) and the Egg or Envelope game (jeu de l’œuf ou l’enveloppe). Guy Mongrain is the host of the show, assisted by Claudia Ébacher and Julie Houle.

Wheels game

: In the Wheels game, each of the two contestants spins three wheels that are divided into segments numbered 0 to 9. The six numbers produced make up the winning decomposable number for players at home.

If a contestant obtains two identical numbers (double) or three identical numbers (triple), he or she will play the Lucky Egg game (Chance-œufs) which comprises 14 eggs. The object of the game is to uncover two identical symbols. A player who uncovers two identical symbols wins the matching prize. In the case of a tripled number, the player continues to uncover symbols until two pairs of identical symbols are revealed. The player takes home the prize with the highest value.


Doors game

: In the Doors game, the two contestants use a screen displaying symbols representing 10 doors numbered from 0 to 9. Each door conceals either a cash prize or an egg. The objective of the game is to be the first person to uncover three eggs. For the first step, each contestant opens the doors on the board matching the numbers obtained in the Wheels game. Taking turns, contestants open one door at a time in complete rounds. The amount of cash accumulated constitutes each contestant’s pot. The first contestant to uncover three eggs at the end of a complete round plays the Egg or Envelope game. The other contestant leaves the game with the amount of the pot he accumulated during the Doors game, plus $1,000 per uncovered egg.

In the event of a tie, the two boards are reset. Six egg symbols are displayed on each of the two screens. Numbers from 1 to 6 are randomly distributed behind the eggs. Taking turns, each contestant touches the screen to uncover one of the eggs and thus reveal a number. The contestant who uncovers the highest number will be declared the winner and the other contestant will be the finalist.

If both contestants uncover an identical number, each their turn, they will uncover another number until the tie is broken. The finalist in the doors game will play the Egg or Envelope game with the winner of the Doors game and will pick up the amount rejected by the winner.

Egg or Envelope game

: The contestant first selects the number of an egg (1 to 24) and an envelope in the eggcup. The egg contains a cash prize or a jackpot. The contestant must choose between the amount in the envelope or the prize concealed in the egg. The contestant leaves the show with the amount obtained in this game, plus the amount won in the Doors game.

If he chooses the egg in the Egg and Envelope game, the contestant may win another prize: the double-yolk egg (œuf à double jaune). With this prize, the contestant wins either $10,000 or $25,000 in addition to the amount in the envelope he refused.

The crowing of the rooster

: The rooster crows one out of five times. When the rooster crows, the contestant selects a second egg. He must first choose between the prize revealed in the envelope or that contained in the first egg (the value of which is unknown). If he selects the first egg, the contestant must then choose either the prize revealed in the first egg or that in the second egg (the value of which is unknown). At the end of each round, regardless of the contestant’s choice, both eggs are opened and their contents are revealed.

The draws and odds of winning

Odds of winning

Each Wednesday a televised draw takes place at  7:30 p.m. Odds of winning a prize are 1 in 4.8 ($2), 1 in 8.3 ($3) and 1 in 3.6 ($5). The odds of winning a “PARTICIPATION TÉLÉ” is 1 in 66,667 ($2), 1 in 166,667 ($3) and 1 in 46,053 ($5)

The odds of winning the in-house game is  $100,000 GRAND PRIZE: 1 in 1,000,000

The show is aired on the TVA Network and you can know the latest Broadcast Schedule.

Also Daily draw results are usually posted on Loto-Québec’s website at approximately midnight.

Biggest winners and landmark episodes

The show’s biggest winner was awarded $1,075,000 on May 26, 2004, after the progressive jackpot went unclaimed for 38 straight shows, beginning Sept. 10, 2003. On March 2, 2016, the show celebrated its 1000th show.

On February 15, 2017, the show’s second biggest jackpot of $925,000 was won after 31 shows (although one contestant within that period had the jackpot egg but instead chose the envelope). The contestant’s total was $936,000.

The third biggest jackpot winner’s total was $909,500 (including a $900,000 jackpot).

Claiming the winning prize

La Poule Winners

For lotteries purchased online, the prize amount(s) will be deposited directly to the winner’s account if the total cash amount of the prize won with a single ticket is less than $25,000.

For cash prizes worth $25,000 or more, merchandise prizes and “annuity” type prizes, a customer service agent will directly contact the winner to explain the terms for claiming the prize. Such prizes must be claimed in person by the winner at one of Loto-Québec’s offices.

If you wish to receive your winnings from a Quick Play game before the draw of the date indicated on the initial ticket, sign that ticket, give it to the retailer who will pay out your prize and will return the initial ticket to you, as well as a replacement ticket valid for the same draw. The replacement ticket will also indicate that the Quick Play game winnings have been paid out. Be sure to keep the replacement ticket, as it will enable you to claim any prize that may result from the draw.

You can claim prizes of $25,000 or more by calling toll-free 1 866 611-LOTO (5686).

For prizes less than $600 or less, you can claim the wins at a Lotto Quebec retail store.

For prizes of more than $600 and less/more than $25,000, you can claim at

  • Montréal, Prize Claim Office, 500 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, QC  H3A 3G6
  • Québec Prize Claim Office Centre commercial Fleur de Lys, door #6 550, boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel Québec, QC  G1M 2S6
  • Gatineau Casino du Lac-Leamy 1 Boulevard du Casino Gatineau, QC  J8Y 6W3
  • La Malbaie Casino de Charlevoix 183 Rue Richelieu La Malbaie, QC  G5A 1X8
  • Montréal Casino de Montréal 1 Avenue du Casino Montréal, QC  H3C 4W7
  • Mont-Tremblant Casino de Mont-Tremblant 300 Chemin des Pléiades Mont-Tremblant, QC  J8E 0A7
  • Québec Salon de jeux de Québec Fleur de Lys Shopping Centre 550 Boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel
    Québec, QC  G1M 2S6
  • Trois-Rivières Salon de jeux de Trois-Rivières 1900 Boulevard des Forges Trois-Rivières, QC  G8Z 0A3
  • Also claim a prize by mail  at Loto-Québec P.O. Box 7777, Centre-Ville Station Montréal, QC  H3C 4L4

Remember you need to be 18 and over years of age to play this lottery.