Are you a lottery fanatic?  So, what if your favorite lottery game comes with yet another value added game that will give you more opportunity to win, wouldn’t that be great?  Such an offering was added by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), a game which they aptly called Encore.  Let us find out more what Encore is all about.

What is so good about Encore?

  • Can be played for just 1 dollar
  • Highest price can be up to 1 million
  • Second prize comes at $100,000
  • There is a dozen ways to win
  • The game is added to a number of lotto games such as: LOTTARIO, LOTTO 6/49, ONTARIO 49, LOTTO SUPER 7, DAILY KENO, PICK-3, and PICK-4
  • Prizes are not shared, they are fixed
  • You can play up to ten Encore per ticket
  • You can win by matching the last or the first number
  • Daily draws held
  • Ontario is the only place where it can be played.

Encore is a supplementary lottery game that can be played with a variety of other lottery games like ONTARIO 49, LOTTO 6/49, LOTTO MAX, DAILY KENO, AND PICK-3, PICK-4.  For as low as $1, Encore give players an additional chance to win on the ticket they bought for another lotto game.  The winnings can reach up to $1 million.  If a player agrees to play Encore, the Central Computer System will pick a number from 0000000 to 9999999 and prints the selected number on the ticket.  Number will initiate a repeat from 0000000 when all the 10 million possible number combinations have been sold.

OLG no longer displays the Encore numbers on unpurchased Encore tickets.  Because Encore can only be played as an add to another game, OLG used to print the number to prompt the players that Encore is also an available add on to this game.  However research showed that while some players like to see the numbers on the tickets even if they do not play Encore, others don’t.  In the end, they decided to scrap it and print it only when the player decides to play Encore.

How Much Can You Win?

Number of Matches                            Prizes

(In exact order)

All 7 digits                                           $1,000,000

Last 6 digits                                         $   100,000

Last 5 digits                                         $   1,000

Last 4 digits                                         $          100

Last 4 digits plus 1st digit                    $          100

Plus FREE play on Host Game

With Encore

Last 3 digits                                         $          10

Last 3 digitsplus 1st digit                     $          10

Plus FREE play on Host Game

With Encore

Last 2 digits                                         $            5

Last 2 digits plus 1st digit                    $              5

Plus FREE play on Host Game

With Encore

Last digit                                                         FREE play on Host Game

With Encore

Last digit plus 1st digit                         Two FREE play on Host Game

With Encore

First digit                                                         FREE play on Host Game

With Encore

A winning number allows a winner to a prize in only one of the above prize groupings.

There are 22 ways to win cash prizes when you play Encore.  Your total chances of bagging a prize are 1 in 9.17.  If you match all the seven numbers you can have a share in the $1,000,000 jackpot.  Other number combinations will still give you a cash prize in various categories.