What would you say if you hear that Canadian couple wins lottery for the third time- Just Wow

Lottery winner Canada
Image Source: Western Canada Lottery Corporation

The third time was indeed the charm for a Canadian couple who won C$8.2m in the lottery Lotto 649. Barbara and Douglas Fink had won the lottery twice before, once in 1989 and once in 2010. Wow!

But this time was a grand win. As February’s 2017 Western Canada Lottery jackpot was by far the largest. The couple from Edmonton, Alberta say they will use the money to provide for their children.

According to Mrs Fink it is their family that comes first and they want to make sure that their daughters and grandkids are looked after. They’ll spend some of their winnings on themselves. Mr Fink says they plan to travel and start house hunting as his wife Barbara wants to buy a new house.

Mr Fink had previously shared a C$128,000 prize with four of his friends in 1989. In 2010, the couple won a C$100,000 prize.

This time, they were just one of two ticket-holders to guess all six numbers correctly. Mrs Fink says she was the one who discovered they were winners, while her husband was out of town for work.

She tried calling him, but at first he didn’t pick up. After five minutes she tried to call him again to break the good news that she did it again!

The winning ticket was a free play won on a previous draw. Barbara redeemed it at Northlands Park, located at 7410 Borden Park Road in Edmonton. Their ticket was one of two issued across Canada that matched all six main winning numbers. A ticket sold in Ontario won the other half of the $16.3 million jackpot.

Lotto 649

The winning Lotto 6/49 numbers on February 22nd 2017  were 9, 21, 25, 26, 31 and 41.

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