What is Pro Line Lottery in Canada and how it is played?

How to play Proline lotteries in Canada

Pro Line is the sports betting lottery game available with OLG Canada that lets you turn small wagers into big excitement. It is played by selecting your predicted outcomes for 3 to 6 sporting events, based on a list of events and odds for various outcomes. You must be correct on all your selections to win. The minimum wager is $2 and the maximum wager is $100.

How to play Pro Line in Canada?

  • Ask your lottery retailer for the Pro line Event List so you can review all the events and odds. This can also be found at proline.ca or on the OLG Pro Line Site.
  • You need to choose 3 to 6 events you want to wager on and enter the event numbers.
  • Mark your predicted outcome. For each event, you may select one of the V+, V, T, H, H+ outcomes, and/or you  may select one of the O, U outcomes. “O” represents the total score of an event to be Over the number set by OLG, “U” represents the total score of an event to be Under the number set by OLG.
  • Next determine the amount you would like to wager ($2-$100).
  • As said you can select three to six outcomes
  • If you think the home (H) or visiting team (V) will win by a larger spread, select H+ or V+.

Sports available for wagering are Hockey, American and Canadian professional football, American college football, baseball, American college basketball, North American Soccer and European soccer.

You can download Pro Line app on your cell phones and play the games as well.

Rules of the Game

Proline lotteries in Canada
  • When the combined total score of both teams matches equal to exactly the Over/Under number, the event will be considered a “PUSH” and the odds for the event, for the over and the odds for the under wager, shall be assigned an odds value of 1.00.
  • The “O” represents the total score of a game to be “Over” the number set by OLG. The “U” represents the total score of a game to be “Under” the number set by OLG.
  • You cannot select a V+ and V outcome or an H+ and H Outcome on the same event.A player can only select one of the V+, V, T, H, H+ outcomes. However the player can make an O or U selection on the same event.
  • Also you don’t have to make an O/U pick when playing Pro line.  The Over/Under wager is an option. Players can make a ticket with the V+, V, T, H, H+ outcomes for a minimum of three events.
  • But you can make a Pro Line ticket by selecting only over/under outcomes. You must select at least three outcomes to place a wager. Players must select at least three outcomes. That means a player can make a Pro Line wager and an Over/Under wager on the same sport event for a total of two Outcomes The player would then have to make at least one wager on another sport event to have the minimum of three outcomes. There can be a maximum of 99 events offered for wagering at any one time.
  • Also there is a time limit to the wagers that Pro line will accept.  For this there are various controls in order to protect the financial integrity and these controls include the limits on Pro line sales to individual customers, daily maximums for each retail account, and maximum payouts. For individual customers, the limit is $100 wagered for both Pro Line and Point Spread on any one day.
  • For each of the sports games, the maximum pay in a day is $5 million plus two times the sales for those tickets for which the final event takes place that day. The most pay on any individual sports game ticket is $600,000. The most a player can spend on sports is unchanged at $100 per day for each of Proline and Point Spread.
  • For most sports, under Proline rules whenever an event offered for wagering is postponed or cancelled, the odd for that selection on your wager reverts to 1.0 and that selection counts as being “correct”. If you are correct with all the other selections on your wager, then you still win.
  • Unclaimed prizes from Proline are directed to OLG profits paid to the provincial government to benefit the people of Ontario.

Pro Line is available to play at OLG and ALC lotteries in Canada.