Lotto 4- The new lottery to enjoy in Canada with Atlantic Lottery Corporation

Lotto 4 Lottery Game

Atlantic lottery corporation has introduced  a new daily draw game called as LOTTO 4 where you can play the way you want because you can choose your four numbers, choose how much you want to spend, and choose how you want to win.

How to play Lotto 4 Lottery Game?

  • To play lotto 4 lottery game you can ask your retailer for a selection slip and choose 4 numbers you wish to play and for each LOTTO 4board/selection – numbers will range from 0 to 9.
  • Then choose the wager amount $1, $2, or $5 per wager type you wish to make for each LOTTO 4board/selection by marking one of the boxes.
  • Choose the wager type(s) you wish to play per board/selection (Exact Order and/or Any Order) by marking the appropriate box(es) with a vertical mark.
  • For an additional $1, add TAG to your ticket.  You can play TAG up to 10 times on each ticket. Also make purchases for future draws by choosing the number of advance plays you want.  Play from 2 up to 10 consecutive draws.

Lotto 4 Draw

Lotto 4 Lottery game draw

LOTTO 4 draws occur daily at approximately 11:29:59 P.M. Atlantic time. On each draw date, ALC will draw 1 number at random ranging from 0000 to 9999. Each night, 4 Lotto 4 numbers will be drawn.  You win by matching all 4 numbers drawn to the 4 numbers that you have selected:

  • Exact order – matching all 4 numbers in the exact order
  • Any order- Any order 1: 3 numbers being the same and 1 number being unique – example: 3313.
  • Any order 2- Where 4 numbers being 2 pairs of matching numbers – example 1133 (pairs must be unique from each other)
  • Any order 3- Where 2 numbers being the same and the 2 other numbers being unique – example 3312
  • Any order 4- Where all 4 numbers being unique

Any valid ticket for a draw bearing any winning selection of such draw is a winning ticket and entitles its holder(s) to claim, for each such winning selection, a prize calculated in accordance with the prize payout table.

Only one prize per winning selection may be claimed.

For each LOTTO 4 draw, ALC reserves the right to limit the total amount of prizes available to be won for each 4 number selection to $1,000,000. If a selection has reached the prize limit it will be rejected. For example, if the limit has been reached for 7777 in a specific draw and a wager is attempted the wager will be declined.

Lotto 4 lottery game prizes

Prizes must be claimed within one year following the draw date in the manner stated on the back of the ticket.