What are Canuck Reactors and how to play in Canada?

Canucks Reactor

Canucks Reactor are instant play games now available to play which offer great Jackpot prizes to win. These games have 5 x 5 reactor game with a random jackpot and free falls. Canucks Reactor is an on-line matching symbol game. To win, you need to Match 5 or more consecutive symbols connected either horizontally and/or vertically to win a cash payout. The random jackpots can be won at any bet level at the completion of a game and there are three Jackpots that you can win in this game.

How to play Canucks Reactor?

Canucks reactor- How to play

You can play this instant lotto type game online at Playnow.com

First open your account here and register yourself as a player

You will need to provide your name and contact information.

Enter a valid credit card – this is to verify your age and residency only, card will not be stored or charged.

Once done with the registration, you need to click on the casino tab on the menu bar given at the top of the home page.

Now go to Canucks Reactor and click to play this an on-line matching symbol game.

To begin the game, press the ‘PLAY’ button

Canucks reactor game

The player selects the stake by clicking on the plus and minus signs at the left and right of the bet area.  This transfers funds from the players account to the stake.  The default stake is set to the value defined by the operator.

There is the option to play more than one game automatically without having to select the ‘BET’ button between each game.

Match 5 or consecutive symbols connected either vertically and/or horizontally to win a cash payout.  Payout increase depending on the number of matching symbols.

There is additional functionality when the 2 special symbols appear.

If the player wins, the winnings will be credited to their account immediately.  If the player loses, they will lose their stake amount

.If there is a winning cluster(s) the icons will disappear, and all icons above will drop into the vacant spaces.  New icons will drop from above the play area to fill in any vacant places.  If more wins are created from the descending icons, the same thing happens again; the win lines are highlighted, and the icons disappear allowing the icons above to descend into the spaces created.  This process continues until there are no more wins created from the icons descending into the vacant spaces of the previous win.

To play again; click the ‘PLAY’ button and/or set the stake.

How to win the jackpot in the game?

How to win jackpot in Canucks reactor

The random jackpots can be won at any bet level at the completion of a game. There are three Jackpots as said above. Each paid game will contribute 2.30% to the jackpot.  The jackpots are awarded randomly.  Only one jackpot can be won per paid game.  Jackpots cannot be won during the free falls.

There is additional functionality in which 2 different ‘WILD’ symbols appear. The first type of wild will explode all symbols around it. The second type of wild will explode all symbols that it shares a vertical line with and all symbols it shares a horizontal line with.

All wild explosions will happen at the end of any reactions, but before any additional symbols drop on to the board.   All wild reactions are simultaneous and there will be a specific pay associated with each wild symbol.

After 5 reactions, the player will trigger 10 free falls.  Free falls cannot be retriggered and the progressives cannot be won in the free falls.

Note that in the event of a game in Real play being interrupted (i.e. started but not completed due to connectivity issues or accidentally closing the browser etc), any winnings will be correctly credited to the customer’s account and will be exact according to the result prior to the game being interrupted. Unresolved bets placed but remaining undecided will become void after 90 days and will be forfeited to charity. The maximum win at maximum bet is $500,000.

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