Omni-channel lottery system by scientific games launches for Atlantic lottery in Canada

Atlantic Lottery

In a recent development the Atlantic Lottery has taken a major step in making their products more accessible to Canadians. The lottery approached Scientific Games to provide a customized “omni-channel” solution which would make their games available across all forms of media and device types. The latest generation gaming system is now live and offers smartphone and online gaming sales for the New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island provinces.

What is Omni Channel?

Omni Channel

Omni Channel is a type of technology that helps in marketing the lottery and instantly integrates and interacts with players. Many historic e gaming brands are opting to this Omni channel concept.

As multi-channel approach has solid data integration strategy ‘omnichannel’ technology moves one step further and builts in a ‘federal’, central way, to support a Universal Gaming Experience across all channels relevant to a player. This type of lottery system is able to meet the player wherever he is, or better yet, to allow the player to meet the lottery anyway he likes, offering a seamless approach to the player experience through all available channels, for instance across cell phone, internet, land, television and so on.

The omnichannel lottery is providing retailers with tools to target and connect with their players. Retailers usually perceive other channels as a threat. This enable lotteries to show retailers the opportunity opened up for them, to use the insights built from the unified player profiles. Moreover, retailers may harness the power of the smart phone: players will almost never leave their house without it and if they wish to , their phone will let the channel know they are just outside the store, in a store, interacting with a product or a visual. The lottery or the retailer may build programmes delivering targeted messages and promotions around these moments using the phone as a communication medium – at the time when the consumer is most receptive.

Omni Channel- Scientific games

Players can experience brand and product in a consistent way across channels. For example, lotteries may build promotions and campaigns that convey the same message no matter the channel or share game-related information (notifications, results, winning amounts, game events, game odds, game prizes) across any channel the player chooses to use. Player actions on any one channel affect the player profile. Lottery response to player actions reaches the customer through any channel that he/she may be using to interact with the system at the time that the response is available. Following video will give you a better understanding.

The player account is a source of actionable insights, an account record with all info on player interaction, including game participation, campaign enrollment, promotion entitlement, member status, detail financial and gaming history, contacts and requests (complains, information request), enrolled services, active services, rejected/unsubscribed services, response to messages, promotions and campaigns, favorite game participation, delivered content, internet site visits, site pages viewed, responsible gaming limits, demographic or account identification details, even gaming profile. At relevant moments of truth, players get the content they value and recognise in a way that is relevant to them when and when they are most receptive.

Omnichannel retail is the only way to offer integrated gaming experiences to connected lottery players or face the prospect of being left behind.

Omni Channel by scientific games

Scientific Games developed a consolidated system that focuses on draw games, digital instant games, iBingo and sports wagers. It also features the company’s cross-platform Player Account Management system. This secure management system allows Atlantic Lottery players to purchase a range of lottery products using a single wallet.

This new endeavour is the latest joint project between these two companies, but the Atlantic Lottery has actually been working with Scientific Games on product development and gaming technology since the 90s. Since then, Scientific Games has grown from strength to strength. The company today works with most of North America’s lottery holders and has operations on six continents, providing lotteries around the world with games, support, platforms and retail solutions.

According to Brent Scrimshaw, President and CEO of Atlantic Lottery, Atlantic Lottery is committed to reinvention and renewal through fresh, new and enhanced products and services that are now enabled by this advanced systems technology from Scientific Games and look forward to providing innovative entertainment experiences, to expanding the space in which it operates, and ultimately to beginning the next phase of responsible growth.

The central components, in terms of the technology under the hood, are Scientific Games’ AEGIS® gaming system and the Sciplay™ iLottery platform. The two products combined allow for the seamless integration of The Atlantic Lottery’s content with that of Scientific Games.

This integration is the first step in a five-year contract that was signed between the two companies. Scientific Games currently has a dedicated team based at the Atlantic Lottery’s headquarters in Moncton, New Brunswick so the two companies will be able to work closely on upcoming projects. Apart from systems technology, Scientific Games will also be helping the lottery with strategic marketing and game innovation across specifically suited to their  consumer network.

With the most advanced omni-channel lottery platform it will surely meet the Atlantic Lottery’s vision of a unified experience for their players. The new digital instant and draw games have been well-received by Atlantic Lottery players, and have already created a significant lift in sales.

Players across four Canadian provinces can now seamlessly access an exciting array of lottery products, promotions and services, whether they are playing games purchased at retail, or via mobile or internet.

New Games from the Atlantic Lottery

New games by Atlantic lottery

It’s great to see that the merger also brought about the development of a few new games to try out. The new games are a part of the company’s efforts to enrich their instant game offering and include a number of electronic scratch games specifically suited to mobile and web app play. A new draw game called Daily Grand was also introduced to the platform. Besides the new games, the lottery decided to bring back their second-chance ticket entry program.

The new system will definitely be welcomed by avid lottery fans, especially because of the single wallet feature.  As said above this new system from Scientific Games is now “live”, supporting traditional lottery retail sales, as well as cell phone and online gaming sales in the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. Supporting draw games, digital instant games, iBingo and sports wagers, the system features the Company’s secure, cross-platform Player Account Management system which allows Atlantic Lottery players to purchase lottery products through a unified experience with one wallet.

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