Have you been to Ontario in Canada where the Niagara River water roars over the edge of Horseshoe Falls and plummets to a violent pool some 13 stories below! Ontario is as big as France and Spain combined and most of that land area is in the province’s sparsely populated northern regions. Other than this scenic beauty Ontario’s lotteries do attract the Lotto players too!
Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation( OLG) came into existence in 2006. It is responsible for the province’s lotteries, charity and Aboriginal casinos, commercial casinos, and slot machines at horse-racing tracks. OLG’s prize centre is located in Toronto. As part of modernization efforts OLG also has introduced lately iGaming. Besides Lotto 649 and Lotto Max and Ontario 49 and other lotteries they also have a daily lotto game called the Mega Dice Lotto!

The Mega Dice Lotto

  • Mega Dice Lotto is a new Daily lotto game that features two chances to win with one ticket – an instant win dice game and a traditional six-number matching lotto draw.
  • Roll seven one’s to win the top instant prize of $7,500.
  • Win up to $100,000 on the lotto draw.
  • Available in Ontario only.
  • $2 per play.
  • Quick Pick play only.
  • Each play randomly generates a Roll of dice (seven six-sided dice) and six numbers.
  • Your dice are rolled onto the customer display screen for you to view.
  • Six winning numbers and a bonus number are drawn nightly. Win by matching three or more numbers.
  • Overall prize payout is 59.9%.
  • Draws are held daily. Tickets are sold daily until 10:30 p.m. (Eastern Time).
  • ENCORE and Advance Play are not available.

Mega Dice Lotto is played in Ontario-only. It is a Daily lotto game from OLG that offers players two exciting chances to win with one ticket. With Mega Dice Lotto players can win instantly as they watch the animated dice roll on the Customer Display Unit and they also have a second chance to win with the night draw  all just for $2. Along with the instant win game with an animated roll of the dice plus a nightly six-number lotto draw, the instant and lotto portions of the game have their own distinct prize structure. Each $2 Quick Pick randomly generates one animated roll of a set of seven six-sided dice. If the roll results in a winning combination as per the prize structure, the player instantly wins the corresponding prize. Players can win up to $7,500 on the instant portion. Each $2 Quick Pick also gives players an additional chance to win in the nightly lotto draw if the six numbers (1 through 39) printed on their ticket match the numbers drawn nightly as per the prize structure. The top prize for the nightly draw is $100,000.

How to Play Mega Dice Lotto

To play Mega Dice Lottery all you have to do is ask your retailer for a MEGADICE LOTTO Quick Pick(s). Each play is $2 and is eligible for both an instant win at the time of purchase and the nightly draw. You can buy up to two plays per ticket.
Mega Dice Lotto Play

  • The draw for MegaDice lotto is a traditional lottery ball draw.
  • You must pay your retailer before your ticket can be printed.

The Mega Dice Ticket

Mega Dice Ticket

Some Facts to know about Mega Dice Ticket

  • The time the ticket was printed will be at the top of every Mega Dice Lotto ticket. The time on the ticket will match the time on the customer display screen at the time of printing.
  • The instant win message indicates if the ticket is a winner or a non-winner of an instant prize.
  • Dice will be printed on the ticket in the same order they are rolled on the customer display screen.
  • Mega Dice Lotto tickets consist of some new features not seen on tickets from other lotto games.

How to redeem your Mega Dice Lotto Tickets

Redeem Ticket

  • Players with tickets that have won instant prizes have the option of redeeming their instant prize immediately or waiting until after that night’s draw.
  • If an instant prize is redeemed prior to the nightly draw, the retailer will provide the player with an Exchange Ticket that is valid for the nightly draw. The Exchange Ticket indicates that the instant prize has already been paid.
  • If an instant prize is redeemed after the draw has been held, instant win and draw prizes will be automatically combined and paid to the player.
  • Standard OLG retailer encashment limits apply.

Your Validity of the Dice Roll

Your roll of the dice is valid only for the instant portion of the Mega Dice Lotto game. If your roll matches a winning combination, you’ll win the corresponding prize as per the prize structure. Players can only win in one instant prize category per roll as per the prize structure. For the draw portion of the game, players will match the six numbers printed on their ticket with the numbers drawn nightly. If you match the correct amount of numbers for one of the draw prize categories, you win the corresponding prize as per the prize structure. Players can only win in one lotto prize category per draw.

The Odds of Winning Mega Dice Lotto

The overall odds of winning any prize on Mega Dice Lotto are 1 in 3.69. The overall odds of winning a prize on the lotto draw are 1 in 27.8, and the overall odds of winning a prize on the instant win game are 1 in 4.3. The overall payout for Mega Dice Lotto is approximately 59.92 per cent. The approximate payout for the instant portion is 50.35 per cent, while the payout on the lotto draw game is approximately 9.57 per cent.
Are you now ready for the Mega Dice to Roll you as a winner?

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