Loto Quebec Video Lotteries that you can play in Quebec Canada

Loto Quebec- Video lotteries to play

Canadians love lotteries be it paper ticket lotteries like scratch card tickets, lotto 649 or lotto max tickets that you buy at retailer’s shop or online lotteries or video lotteries. All the lotteries are easy to play and are purely game of chance means no skill is required to play the game and only your luck plays the role. Loto Quebec calls video lotteries as experience games and many other lottery corporations call them interactive games or lottery slot machines.

What are video lotteries?

As such lotteries are called by different names the main thing is that this lottery is played like a video game on a computer screen. They though not work like slot machines but look like them and have amazing sound and graphics to admire. In Canada you can easily find video lotteries to play not only at online Lotto websites but at video terminals found at various places around Canada.

Video Lottery games offered by Loto Quebec for Canadians

Loto Quebec - Video lotteries

There are over 30 video lottery games offered by Loto Quebec that you enjoy.  Some of the well known games:

Smash the Pig Video lottery

Smash the Pig by Spielo games that can be played with denomination of 5 cents with minimum bet being CA$0.50 and maximum bet being CA$2.50 with pick a prize bonus.

100 Ladies video lotto

100 ladies by IGT gaming that is played with one cent and minimum bet is CA$1 with maximum bet being CA$2.

Bamboo Forest game

Bamboo forest video lottery game by Spielo works with 5 cents having minimum bet as CA$0.75 to Maximum bet being CA$2.25 with free games and pick a prize bonus.

Egyptian Quest

Egyptian Quest is another video lottery game from Spielo that can be played with 25 cents and with minimum bet of CA$1.25 and maximum bet of CA$2.50 with pick a prize bonus.

Quick Pay Jackpot video lottery

Quick pay jackpots is lottery with progressive jackpot to win. This game from Spielo can be played with 5 cents and has minimum bet of CA$0.50 and maximum bet CA$2.50 with free games in bonus rounds.

Royal Spins video lottery

Royal spins is also progressive jackpot lottery game from Spielo and can be played with 25 cents with minimum bet of CA$1.25 and maximum bet of CA$2.50 with free games as bonus.

Besides these popular ones there are many other video lotteries from IGT and Spielo at Loto Quebec. Note that these games are available at video terminals to play. You can win up to $1,000 per game if you are lucky.