Chiropractor From Lively Wins $100,000 Encore Lotto Max Lottery

Canada Winner

Zvonko Vukovic and his wife Laura love playing lottery games. They also try their luck with the encore game which is played in conjunction with regular lottery tickets by paying an additional dollar.  This time their additional dollar investment made them a winner of $100,000!

Parents to four young kids this couple won the Encore Lotto Max draw on May 13th 2016. Vukovic had matched six of seven winning numbers on his ENCORE selection.
An ardent lottery players this couple daily get a lottery ticket at home. In case Zvonko forgets to buy one his wife doesn’t allow him in unless he gets the lotto ticket from the store.

This winning ticket Vukovic bought from Battistelli’s Independent Grocer on Municipal Road 24 in Lively. Ontario.While the kids were playing Vukovic  decided to check the lottery numbers on his phone. Seeing him quiet his wife Laura suspected something and tried to check the lottery result at the website and one by one all their ticket numbers came to be a winner.

Vukovic, who is a chiropractor by profession, snapped a photo of the ticket and then headed to the store to have it validated. He used the ticket checker and took a photo of the screen that said, ‘Big Winner – $100,000.’ At the same moment, he received a text from Laura that said ‘It’s a winner’”

The couple spent the rest of the day sharing the good news with loved ones.  The couple is all happy to spend some with the kids with vacation time by a lake this summer and celebrating with a big barbecue

ENCORE can be played in conjunction with most online lottery games for an extra $1. There is an ENCORE draw every day in most of the lotteries in Canada specially the Lotto Max

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